one week in Taipei


On the end of November with Greg Papagrigoriou and Anastasia Papaleonida we had a chance to spend one week in Taipei on Taiwan. We worked on two projects. Big canvases for National Taipei University of Education and one day street project for 松山文創園區 SCCP Taipei whose headquarter is in old tabacco factory.

Greg Papagrigoriou / Anastasia Papaleonida / Robert Seikon

residence in Christchurch


On the final day of January, the culmination of Robert Seikon and Anastasia Papaleonida’s residency at Fiksate was unveiled with the exhibition Long Trip of the Kokos. The collaborative works capture both a cohesive harmony, with subtle gradients and tiny details, while also proudly displaying each artists’ signature style: Papaleonida’s microbiological dots, squirming and humming, and Seikon’s crisp diagonal lines and spiky geometric shapes, providing optical illusions and paths of surveillance. From the clustered canvasses to the wall painting directly encountered when you enter the gallery, the show is filled with intriguing touches and impressive effects, washing over you without overwhelming. 

text by Reuben Woods / photo by Charlie

residence in Vienna


All artworks for this exhibition were prepared during residency Q21 in Vienna. 

During our stay we made visual reserch about connectios between organic and geometric forms around us. 

For us most interesting thoughts about this project where possibilietes to observe new relations and combinations betweeen all those forms. All the pieces are one by one collaborations of our reserch process. In the space of the exhibition we tried to work with elements that exist in the gallery and to make them in dialogue with our artworks.

curated by Sebastian Schager